PDX Git Together

The monthly user group that doesn't lose your data!

Request for presenters

Coming to a meeting? Want to make a presentation?

Why don't you talk about:

  • How you got over the initial Git learning curve
  • Using Git to track data other than code
  • Your favorite but little-known Git utility
  • When To Modify History For Fun And Profit
  • Your newest crazy idea using Git
  • How to stash effectively
  • Demystifying git rebase
  • Case studies of unique repos, e.g., the Linux kernel
  • Interesting Git workflows
  • How your community uses Git

The next git together is on!

PDX Git Together used to be hosted on the last Wednesday of every month by the fine folks at Elemental Technologies. We are currently rebooting the meeting. Check back soon for new meeting details.

If you would like to present at the next PDX Git Together, please post to the mailing list.

Talks for the next meeting include:

  • Duke Leto - Using bup to manage massive files